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Tipping Point Digital Services for Equine Chiropractic Marketing

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Tipping Point Digital is a marketing agency that specializes in helping equine chiropractors with their online presence.

Ready to boost your business's online presence and drive real results?

Equine chiropractic practitioners should be looking for ways to improve their online visibility, and TPD has the expertise to help them do just that.

Ready to boost your business's online presence and drive real results?

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Article Quicklinks


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We are excited about this opportunity because it’s something we’ve always wanted to offer our clients.

We’ll be discussing how Tipping Point Digital can help your practice succeed!

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Ways You Can Market Your Equine Chiropractic Service

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There are many ways that you can promote your services to your clients. One of the following is by word of mouth, which is the most effective when building trust and credibility for other clients to rely on.

It is, however, not enough merely to rely on word of mouth; you need a much more structured and systematic approach to attract clients in your area. 

Tipping Point Digital has experts that have been in the digital marketing business for over a decade, and with that experience, we have learned how to help clients like you. Our particular expert, Rina, has over 8 years of marketing and sales experience.

If your horse is injured or ill from another condition such as colic, TPD can create an effective web design strategy to make it easy for people around your area to find information about your practice.

If you want to know more about the many ways to market your own practice, you must be familiar with these strategies and decide which one will be best for you to apply.

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Social Media Marketing Is a Must for Organic Growth

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Chiropractic social media marketing, when used correctly, can be a wonderfully powerful tool for chiropractors. Get involved in the online community and establish yourself as a reliable figure. Who are your target demographics online? 

Utilize the sports and family social media platforms that your customers frequently visit. Consider ways to help the community to which you want to provide care. 

Genuine support in local communities is a key to successful social media marketing. It doesn’t take much for people to smell a fake, so do what you can and show them how you work and what you care about.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

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“Earned traffic” is what you earn when you optimize your website for search engines. Most internet users conduct their searches using the name of a town or region, so chiropractic SEO marketing is an effective practice. 

Google My Business is one popular local database you should submit your business information to. While searching for equine chiropractors in your area, potential patients will see a map that shows your office’s location. 

Its search terms are narrow, however, which means the geographic scope can be limited. Chiropractic clinics may use terms like “Animal Spinal Adjustment X town,” or “Equine Chiropractic Services X town.” Although you may be able to use a broader search term, such as “Colorado Animal Chiropractor,” patients in pain prefer to stay in their local areas, especially if they suspect they will need regular treatment sessions.

In order to do local SEO successfully, you need to use the address, phone number, and name consistently. The smallest error could negatively impact your local SEO marketing campaign.

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Google Adwords Is a Great Way to Advertise Online

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The Google Adwords program is a very effective chiropractic marketing tool if you want to make sure more people will find your chiropractic office online. When someone searches for a specific keyword in your area, those listings will appear at the top of the search results page. 

Pay-per-click advertising only charges you when people click your ad. In order to appear at the top of Google’s search engine page, your advertising must appear at a higher cost.

You can target potential patients within a 5-mile radius with Google Adwords. A patient can travel that far within a reasonable amount of time. 

You may be able to expand your patient base by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, depending on your location. You can target patients looking for specific treatments with Google Adwords, as the service allows you to go beyond generic searches for chiropractors and chiropractic. 

Google Adwords makes it easy for someone local to your area to find you if they are looking for advice on animal back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, whiplash, or the dozens of other problems you deal with on a daily basis.

Adwords from Google aren’t bound by a contract, so you can cut back or quit anytime. In some cases, especially if you use a tool like Adwords, you may find yourself with more patients than you can handle. You can easily slow things down by lowering your budget if that happens.


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Create a Blog

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Your website can serve as a powerful tool for attracting new chiropractic patients if you establish a blog and keep it updated regularly. If people are seeking relief from back pain in your area, they will find your website through a Google search. Your blog should offer some of the information they are seeking. 

Besides offering information about the query, you can add in a free downloadable eBook on chiropractic care for back pain that might entice some readers. You receive the viewer’s email address in exchange for the download. 

Your next marketing strategy will be based on that information, combined with the information of your current patients: your email list.

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Email List

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Sending a customized and impressive email is incredibly easy and inexpensive when you use an email platform. Provide tips on animal spinal health, special events, and your practice’s upcoming offers for patients and potential patients. Exercise videos, as well as other ways to ease back pain, should be included. 

Keep your patient base in the loop by sending out monthly email updates and encouraging them to schedule an appointment.

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Using Press Releases to Your Advantage

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Post your press releases on social media pages in your service area and regularly distribute them to local newspapers. As important as it is to send out these notifications in advance of an event, you should also send them anytime something substantial occurs within your practice.

Share any awards or recognition you’ve received with the community. You can also promote yourself after acquiring your 1,000th client or 5,000th, according to the case.

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Additional Strategies to Market Equine Chiropractic Services

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You have many options for advertising your practice: TV, radio, podcasts, billboards, banners, sponsorships, online ads, even the guy juggling giant cardboard arrows on the street corner. 

You can, however, easily get off course. Chiropractic slogans and billboards are one thing, but it’s another thing for your message to be a consistent topic within targeted groups and communities. 

Take the time to learn about your audience. Engage in the local conversation and contribute to it. Don’t forget to register at Google My Business, Yelp, social media, and local business pages to make it easier for people to find you. 

Ensure your marketing practices enhance your patients’ experiences by utilizing strategies that make them feel special. It’s a great experience that will keep them coming back for more and bringing you more potential patients with them.

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How Do Equine Chiropractors Attract New Patients?

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Equine chiropractors have a specific focus when it comes to chiropractic care. They mostly cater to horses and commonly perform back pain relief or alignment. So, how do equine chiropractors attract new patients?

Based on the many strategies mentioned above, there are different ways that you can market your practice. But, the most effective way to attract diverse patients in different geographical locations can be through digital marketing.

This includes SEO, social media marketing, GMB listings, reputation marketing, and so on.

While many digital marketing companies offer these services, there are others that focus mainly on specific services. Tipping Point Digital is a digital marketing company that focuses on animal chiropractic, contractor, and healthcare marketing campaigns.

Choosing a digital marketing company that can specifically cater to your practice and understands the industry can do a better job in promoting it on the internet.

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Why Should You Choose Us to Market Your Practice?

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Tipping Point Digital caters to its marketing strategies specific to your equine chiropractic practice. This involves many digital marketing strategies like SEO, reputation marketing, and even social media marketing.

Tipping Point Digital’s digital marketing strategy:

  • Reputation
  • Gmb Listings
  • Social Media
  • Articles (Content Writing)
  • Reviews
  • Seo


If you don’t want to avail of the full service, we also offer a consultation service that we like to call the “Power Hour.” Our experts can help your equine chiropractic service review your business’ assets and see what’s effective and ineffective for your business.

Choosing us as your digital marketing partner can help set you apart from your competition.

We offer many strategies for the equine chiropractic market, and our team of experts is ready to help you reach the tipping point!

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Looking to Generate More Leads Online?

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To achieve long-term growth in your equine chiropractic business, you need to market online and off. Your digital marketing campaign must be well-funded if you hope to generate more leads and revenue.

Let’s get your equine chiropractic marketing ideas off the ground! Tipping Point Digital is here to lift you up!

We can assist you with creating a marketing campaign if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Having built successful campaigns over the past decade, our digital marketing experts know how to run campaigns to help your business grow. 

Interested to learn more about equine chiropractic marketing? Head on over to our website and book a consultation with our marketing experts! 


Tipping Point Digital


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