11 Steps on How to Get More Google Reviews

Learning how to get more Google reviews is essential for businesses looking to improve their online reputation and search engine rankings. As a cornerstone of digital marketing services, Google reviews have become a significant ranking factor in SEO. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a simple process to garner more of these coveted 5-star reviews and elevate your company’s standing on review sites.

By implementing our 11-step strategy, you’ll not only see an increase in authentic reviews but also witness a positive impact on your SEO rankings. We’ll cover everything from review management and online reputation management to using social posts to promote your business. So, buckle up and get ready to give your company the recognition it deserves!

1. Request Customer Reviews for a Strong Online Reputation

If you’re looking for a straightforward process to get more Google reviews, look no further than asking your customers directly for their feedback. This simple strategy can go a long way in boosting your online reputation.

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Asking for reviews not only helps you collect valuable feedback from your customers but also shows that you care about their satisfaction. Whether speaking to a customer on the phone or in person, taking a moment to remind them about leaving a review can make all the difference.

Implementing this easy review request process, you’ll be well on your way to building a strong online reputation that sets your business apart.

Ready to boost your business's online presence and drive real results?

2. Engage Customers with a Thoughtful Follow-Up Email

Once you’ve completed a job successfully, reaching out to your customers and encouraging them to leave a review on Google is important. Crafting a well-thought-out follow-up email can play a vital role in learning how to get more Google reviews for your business. In your email, make sure to:

  • Personalize the message, addressing the customer by name
  • Express gratitude for their decision to choose your services
  • Emphasize the value you place on customer feedback and assure them that you take the time to read each review
  • Explain the significance of reviews from customers in helping your business improve and reach new clients
  • Include a direct link that simplifies the process for customers to quickly submit a review on Google

By demonstrating genuine care for customer feedback and making it easy for them to leave reviews, you’ll reinforce the notion that reviews matter and can generate more online reviews for your business.

3. Streamline the Review Process with Multiple Follow-Ups

Remember that customers may not always provide a review immediately; they might be preoccupied or simply forget. To boost the chances of receiving more Google reviews, it’s essential to implement an effective strategy for following up with your customers.

Consider crafting two additional email templates to supplement your initial feedback request. Limit the total number of feedback requests to three, ensuring the process remains simple and unobtrusive. Send a new request weekly or biweekly until you’ve reached your maximum number of attempts. While some individuals may never leave a review or provide feedback, persistence can yield fruitful results.

Frequent follow-ups help maintain your company’s presence in the minds of satisfied customers, fostering a stronger connection and enhancing their overall customer experience. By maintaining regular communication, you demonstrate your commitment to addressing the needs of your clientele, ultimately improving your chances of garnering more business reviews and increasing your star rating.

4. Implement a Thoughtful Leave-Behind Strategy

Leave-behinds serve as valuable marketing materials that remain with your customers after a service is completed. This approach is particularly effective for contractors or local service businesses. To learn how to get more Google reviews, incorporate elements that encourage happy customers to share their experiences on your business profiles.

For instance, if you’re a flooring contractor who recently installed oak hardwood floors in a client’s home, consider leaving a comprehensive folder that includes the following:

  • Care and maintenance guidelines for the new floor
  • A contact number for any follow-up questions
  • A business card to facilitate easy communication
  • A feedback card to collect real customer experiences
  • Clear, concise instructions explaining how to use the review card

If you prefer a cost-effective alternative, create a digital version of your leave-behind. Numerous free online tools can help you design an attractive, well-branded brochure to incorporate into your marketing strategy. This approach can lead to more positive ratings, as customers appreciate the attention given to their entire customer experience.

Remember to explore various ways to ask customers for reviews, such as using physical cards, review software, or even offering gift cards as incentives. The key is to make the process as simple and appealing as possible for your customers.

5. Simplify the Review Process with a Custom Review Link on Your Website

One effective strategy on how to get more Google reviews is by adding a review link to your website or creating a custom review link. A custom Google review link is a personalized URL that directs clients to a review form specifically for your business. When customers click on your custom Google review link, they will see a review form that encourages them to share their honest feedback.

Integrating a custom review link can help increase your review rating, as it simplifies the process for customers to leave their essential feedback. There are various ways to incorporate the custom review link on your website, such as including it in your site’s header and footer or even using a lightbox popup inviting customers to share their experiences.

To create a custom Google review link for your business, follow these steps:

  1. Search for your company using the Google Places Place ID tool: https://developers.google.com/places/place-id
  2. Locate your local business and copy the Place ID.

A Place ID is a unique identifier assigned to your local business address by Google, and they are available for most locations, including businesses, landmarks, parks, and intersections.

  1. Add the Place ID to the end of this link: http://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=<PLACE_ID>

In the end, the custom review link will look like this: 



By incorporating a custom review link as an additional step in your strategy, you can make it easier for customers to leave Google reviews, boosting your search engine presence and allowing your business to rank higher in the search bar.

6. Incorporate Calls-to-Action and Website Popups for Google Reviews

Let’s face it, we all tend to procrastinate. To help overcome this, strategically place calls-to-action on your website and integrate subtle popups encouraging visitors to leave a review. You’ve likely encountered these tactics before, as they often say something like, “Enjoying [product or service]? Share your experience in a Google review!” These reminders are prevalent in many smartphone apps and frequently appear on websites we visit daily.

To learn how to get more Google reviews, make it easy for users by adding a clear review button, providing a direct reviews link, or opening a review window on your site. This approach can lead to a quick review process, ensuring you receive authentic, positive customer reviews. Just be sure to follow Google’s review policy and avoid soliciting fake reviews to maintain credibility and trustworthiness.

7. Maintain Composure Amidst Negative Feedback

Encountering negative reviews is inevitable, but knowing how to get more Google reviews requires a composed and thoughtful approach. When facing a bad experience shared by a customer, avoid being defensive or making excuses. Instead, take responsibility and assure the unhappy customer that you will address the issue promptly. Demonstrating genuine concern and a willingness to rectify the situation can sometimes transform 1-star reviews into 5-star ratings.

Prospective customers appreciate businesses that actively monitor and respond to both positive and negative feedback. By showing that you care about actual experiences and are dedicated to customer loyalty, you can build trust and encourage more people to choose your services. This proactive approach contributes to an increased review count and a higher overall review score, ultimately boosting your online reputation.

8. Engage with Your Reviewers Actively

Mastering how to get more Google reviews involves actively engaging with the individuals who took the time to provide feedback. Positive reviews deserve appreciation and gratitude, so be sure to thank your loyal customers for sharing their positive experiences. This reinforces your commitment to delivering quality service and fosters goodwill among potential customers.

On the other hand, negative reviews provide an opportunity to learn and improve. In a competitive market, addressing issues raised by customers is crucial. Start by acknowledging the problem, then extend a sincere apology even if your company may not be entirely at fault. Attempt to resolve the issue privately, keeping in mind that demonstrating empathy and professionalism can turn bad reviews into positive customer feedback.

Google takes note of businesses that actively respond to actual reviews, so engaging with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers is vital in your quest to garner more authentic reviews. Remember, word-of-mouth advertising is powerful, and your responses to reviews can influence future customers’ decisions to trust your brand.

9. Prioritize Google Reviews Across All Marketing Channels

Understanding how to get more Google reviews is essential for your company’s growth, leading to better search rankings and a higher inflow of potential clients. To achieve this, you must have a dedicated employee responsible for comprehensively managing your company’s reviews. Their responsibilities should include the following:

  • Developing and implementing a streamlined review process throughout your organization
  • Monitoring new reviews on a regular basis, ensuring a steady frequency of reviews
  • Engaging with both positive and negative reviews on Google and other platforms (e.g., Yelp, BBB, Facebook)
  • Directing negative reviews and unsatisfactory customer experiences to the appropriate team members (e.g., management)

Incorporate Google reviews into your social media platforms by sharing customer testimonials and encouraging followers to leave feedback. Regularly share posts showcasing your company’s social proof and prompt users to contribute their thoughts. By integrating Google reviews into your social media profiles, you will demonstrate the value you place on customer feedback and amplify the impact of your marketing efforts.

Follow these simple steps to make Google reviews a central component of your marketing strategy and leverage various marketing channels to increase the visibility and frequency of reviews. Doing so will create strong social proof for your company and elevate its online reputation.

10. Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Regarding online reviews, it often feels like negative experiences make headlines while positive ones remain unsung. Learning how to get more Google reviews starts at the ground level by consistently offering an amazing customer experience to each and every client. Customers who are truly impressed with your business, the service rendered, the product they acquired, or the overall experience will naturally feel motivated to share their thoughts in a review. By implementing steps 1-8, you can gently guide them towards leaving a Google review, ultimately enhancing your company’s online presence.

11. Take Charge of Your Google My Business Listing

Understanding how to get more Google reviews begins with mastering your company’s Google My Business presence. Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile, is a platform that allows businesses to create and manage their profiles on Google Search and Google Maps. Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile is crucial for increasing online visibility and attracting potential customers.

To start, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to Google Business Profile and sign in using your email address associated with your business.
  2. Search for your business by name and location, and select it from the search results.
  3. Confirm that you can manage the business listing by clicking “Claim this business.”
  4. Verify your business by providing the required information, such as your business’s physical address or phone number. Google may send a verification code through mail, phone, or email.
  5. Once verified, you can customize your business profile by adding essential details, including your business’s address, phone number, website, and operating hours.
  6. Make your profile stand out by uploading high-quality photos, such as your logo, profile picture, and images of your business’s interior and exterior. These visuals help potential customers get a better understanding of your business online.
  7. Regularly update your profile with engaging content like business posts, promotions, and events. This keeps your customers informed and encourages them to interact with your business.
  8. Monitor and respond to reviews to show that you value customer feedback. Engaging with reviewers can also help reduce the impact of any negative or anonymous reviews.

By optimizing your Google Business Profile, you’re taking a significant step towards learning how to get more Google reviews and boosting your company’s ranking in search engine results. This, in turn, will help enhance your online recognition and attract more customers.

Elevate Your Online Presence: Boost Your Google Reviews and Drive Success

In conclusion, mastering the art of how to get more Google reviews is an essential aspect of search engine optimization and online visibility. By following the 11 steps outlined in this article, businesses can effectively increase their 5-Star Google Reviews, thereby enhancing their reputation and attracting more clients. These steps range from simply asking for reviews and offering incentives to optimizing your Google My Business listing and engaging with reviewers.

We encourage businesses to implement these proven strategies to reap the benefits of improved search engine rankings and increased online recognition. Remember, a higher volume of positive reviews reflects the quality of your products or services and builds trust among potential customers.

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