Marketing for Plumbers: Why You Need Them


The marketing industry has changed, and marketing services for plumbers are definitely no exception. 


Ready to boost your business's online presence and drive real results?

Plumbing marketing is a huge part of marketing for plumbers. Many plumbing companies are not marketing online, which means that they are missing out on a lot of potential customers who search the internet for their services.

With more people searching online for plumbing services than ever before, marketing to the right audience can be the difference between success and failure.

Ready to boost your business's online presence and drive real results?


When you’re looking to hire marketing services for your business, make sure to find one that specializes in plumbing marketing so that you can reach all of the people who need your help.

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How Do I Promote My Plumbing Business?


A plumbing business needs to understand the potential benefits that internet marketing can give to their marketing strategy, and these benefits should be taken into consideration by the business to determine whether it is worth investing in marketing services.


In order for a plumbing company to effectively market themselves on social media or online, they need marketing services that offer expert advice from people who actually know what they are doing when it comes to marketing your brand on social media platforms that are popular among plumbing customers.


Marketing services for plumbers will be able to offer marketing strategies that put your business in front of the people who need what you have and can make a difference when it comes to making more sales, or marketing, and branding.


This is all done by utilizing digital marketing methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, marketing automation tools, email marketing services (EMM), and social media marketing.


For example, you might have a plumbing company that is well-known for reliable service in the Colorado area. Digital marketing experts can use online marketing to make sure their name comes up when people search “plumbing” on Google or other popular search engines like Yahoo or Bing.


How Do You Get Plumbing Leads?


Plumbing customers are most likely homeowners, small business owners, and other property owners that need a plumber.


To find marketing leads, you need to start by considering who is your target audience. Once you’ve taken the time to figure out who they are and what their needs are (in other words, what problems do they have that a plumber can solve?), then it’s time to get creative with how you attract them.


You might try doing video marketing and posting your videos on sites like YouTube. You could also try marketing with social media and engage in the conversations that people are having related to plumbing maintenance, upkeep, or other topics of interest.


Another marketing strategy is using HubSpot’s Website Grader tool to optimize your website for marketing leads by adding marketing automation, “snippet” marketing (a series of posts that shows up in the search results), and social media marketing.


The most important thing is to stay on top of your marketing efforts so you don’t miss any opportunities for leads or sales. With our help at Tipping Point Digital, you can take marketing for plumbers to the next level.


Effective Plumbing Marketing Strategies


‘Emergency markets’ provide immediate opportunities. You want your customer to find the nearest plumber with a good reputation who can get there quickly, whether it’s a burst pipe, broken water line, or a sewer backup. 


Those who typically search online are influenced by good online reviews and by calling someone right away.


It is your #1 marketing goal to make yourself easy to find and easy to reach when trying to obtain this customer’s business. Below are the tactics you should employ to maximize your marketing impact:


Claim Your Google Business Listing


Many emergency call-in customers turn to Google to find help immediately after making an emergency phone call. Make sure that your Google My Business listing is set up so that more plumbing customers can find you.


Local listings are simple to make – you just need to provide your company name, address, and contact information. 


This step is an easy way to get customers to find you on a map. When they encounter an emergency, it’s important for customers to look for a reliable plumber to fix their problem.


Creating a Plumbing Website


You should also increase your online presence in order to be found online. If your website has a professional appearance, it will enhance your visibility and credibility, leading to more leads.


Having a simple and easy-to-use plumbing website allows emergency call-out customers to quickly gain access to the information they need. The following essential elements make a plumbing website more likely to convert:


  • Logos and names that reflect professionalism
  • What makes you different from your competitors (also known as a unique selling proposition)
  • Contact information
  • Your service areas/Business locations
  • Provided local services
  • Easily request work
  • Certificates of achievement and accreditation
  • Providing testimonials and/or photos to support your work


Whenever a new lead lands on your page, they should immediately notice what services are offered, where the business is located, and why that business should be chosen. Clicking on the phone number should allow them to make a direct call or create a work request in seconds.


Creating your first website is easy if you’ve never done it before. For website creation, you can use free or inexpensive tools like Wix or WordPress, and for graphic design, you can use Looka or Canva.


If you want a professionally made website, there are also digital marketing companies that offer website design + their online marketing implementations.


Create a Facebook Page for Your Plumbing Business


It is also possible to get found quickly with a professional Facebook page. It is Facebook that has the largest customer base and offers the most conversion-friendly features. Moreover, it is completely free and simple to set up. You can get more leads by optimizing your plumbing business’s Facebook page.


It won’t take long for you to establish a strong web presence, with a Google Business listing, website,  and Facebook page. If you’d like to learn even more about how to better maximize your online presence, we offer a consultation service called Power Hour. Tipping Point Digital can help you pinpoint where you lack and where you can potentially grow with the use of our digital marketing implementation strategy.


Take Advantage of Online Reviews


A positive online review is crucial to the success of your plumbing company. Most plumbers say that they receive businesses exclusively through word-of-mouth and referrals. 


Ultimately, you’re getting into your customer’s home or business and usually in a stressful environment. Trust must be established before they purchase from you.


If you’re just starting out, don’t let discouragement bring you down. You might be surprised by how confident local customers are after reading a few positive reviews online. Developing high-quality reviews is easy if you follow these tips:


Once a job is completed, follow up with your customers via email. As soon as you’ve completed the work, you can tell them and ask for feedback.

Request a review politely whenever you receive positive feedback and link to your online business or Facebook page. When you simply ask for a review, most people will do so!

Encourage customers to provide more information than just a 5-star rating. Inquire about their favorite part during the service, and ask them questions like “Do you think you’d recommend us to others?” Even better, ask them if they would recommend you to their friends and family. 


A review-based marketing strategy can help you grow your business fast. After reading your online reviews, anyone can make up their minds, so it’s literal growth without spending a dime.


Market to Customers by Using Customer Service


Social media and advertising are integral parts of marketing. The best long-term strategy for growing the plumbing business is to provide excellent customer service. 


The following ways can help your business grow:


  • The longer you continue to serve them, the more likely you are to earn their repeat business, as you’ve already done the hard work to get their attention and earn their trust. Existing customers will be more likely to hire you.
  • Customer satisfaction will lead to word-of-mouth referrals.


You must be able to effectively communicate with customers in order to be able to use customer service as a marketing tool. By sending a brief “on my way” text message or reminding them to leave the door unlocked, you can make the visit more efficient and pleasant.


Document the job and the client with detailed notes and photos. In the future, if the client needs more assistance or has questions, they’ll be amazed at how much you remember about them and how smooth your service was.


Looking to Generate More Leads Online?


To achieve long-term growth in your plumbing business, you need to market online and off. Your digital marketing campaign must be well-funded if you hope to generate more leads and revenue.


Let’s launch your ideas about marketing for plumbers off the ground! Tipping Point Digital is here to lift you up!


We can assist you with creating a marketing campaign if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Having built successful campaigns over the past decade, our digital marketing experts know how to run campaigns to help your business grow. 


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