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If you’re looking for marketing services to help grow your animal chiropractic business, Tipping Point Digital is here to support you.

Tipping Point Digital is a digital marketing company that specializes in Internet marketing strategies for chiropractors and animal chiropractors alike.

We provide a wide range of digital marketing strategies that will give your business the exposure it needs in order to thrive and succeed. Our services cover everything from Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Google My Business Listings, and everything in between up to SEO services.

Our team of experts has been helping animal chiropractic clinics grow their revenue with the time they spent on our services.

Animal Chiropractors who are looking for marketing services should take a look at Tipping Point Digital’s portfolio of work before making a decision about who they want to partner with.


First, let’s tackle what animal chiropractic customers would like to know about the practice.

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What Do Animal Chiropractors Do?


Animal chiropractic care is a holistic approach to animal health. Animal chiropractors are veterinary health specialists, focusing on treating neurological and musculoskeletal systems in animals.

They focus on the physical alignment of the spine, pelvis, and tailbone with techniques such as spinal manipulation and joint adjustment. This means that animal chiropractors can help you achieve whole-body wellness for your pet by looking at more than just their spine!


Who Needs An Animal Chiropractor?

Anyone who owns an animal may need an animal chiropractor’s services. People who own pets could find some kind of treatment for their pets who might be experiencing pain in certain areas. People who take care of zoo animals, farm animals like livestock, and even racehorses may also need animal chiropractic services.


Are Animal Chiropractors Important?

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Veterinarians may be the focus of veterinary/animal medical care, but animal chiropractors focus on holistic approaches that even veterinary professionals recommend to their patients.

Animals needing treatment for injuries, pain, and for restoring mobility can opt to reach out to an animal chiropractor instead of a veterinarian.

In some way, animal chiropractors help animals as much as veterinary professionals do.

Establishing how important animal chiropractic services are to people involved in animal care, more people should be aware of its existence. Thus, the need for marketing your animal chiropractic services.

The connection of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association with Veterinary Medicine

Is It Worthwhile to Use Animal Chiropractic Marketing Online?

Several resources are available on the Internet to help people find information, products, or services today. Almost 70% of people conduct online research before converting. This leads to people finding your chiropractic practice through the web.

90% of consumers conduct some type of research on the internet before booking an appointment, and they will do so whether or not they have been referred.

In order to attract qualified patients, animal chiropractors need a strong online presence. The right information can be provided to people when they need it through digital marketing. 

Also, online marketing offers a high return on investment (ROI) for your business. 

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Digital Marketing for Animal Chiropractic Services Tips


As much as veterinarians and animal chiropractors should focus on providing excellent customer service and quality care, it’s equally important to have a strong online presence, starting with a well-designed website with a photo gallery of happy customer reviews and a page describing services your business offers.

Additionally, you should involve yourself in optimizing your practice’s search engine rankings so that prospects will find you on the web when they search for the best animal chiropractor.

Tipping Point Digital, a digital marketing company specializing in helping animal chiropractors grow their practices, offers several services that will help you reach your goals:


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization strategies will help you connect with potential clients online. A high ranking in search engine results is crucial to the success of your animal chiropractic business in this digital era. Our goal is to make sure your website is found by animal owners when they search for assistance through Google. You will also receive local search results that will make your business stand out. Be sure to optimize your pages and website content using high volume keywords people use to search for your local business. And remember to include the name of your town.


Social Media Marketing

You can use social media networks to better understand how your target audience views the world and to connect with them. Our approach to animal chiropractic marketing is customized based on our deep understanding of the industry. With engaging content and engaging visuals, we’ll build a social media marketing campaign that will boost your growth, increase your clientele, and strengthen your online reputation. Social Media Content must be scheduled regularly and be relevant in order to gain authority, relevancy and trust with your patients and Google! Yes, Google is paying attention to how often you post, what relevant and authors building images you are posting and looking to better understand your brand as an entity.


Online Animal Chiropractic Practice Reputation Management

The real key here lies in using established clients as powerful chiropractic marketing tools by generating online reviews that can be monitored by our experts and improve animal chiropractors’ online reputation and revenue. During our practice monitoring process, we will track your practice’s online reputation on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The most trusted source for referrals is word of mouth. Online reviews from patients, photos posted to your google business profile, and 5 star reviews carry heavy weight. More than 95% of online consumers read reviews before making a purchase.

Do You Want Your Clients to Hire Your Animal Chiropractic Services?


Animal chiropractors should consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help them get the word out about their animal care services. A better online presence can get an animal chiropractor’s phone ringing and increase their client base.

Many digital marketing agencies offer services that can help a business get found by potential clients in search engines, on social media platforms, blogs, and video sites like YouTube. Digital marketing is not limited to these few examples; there are many other opportunities for an animal chiropractic service to find a larger audience.

Digital marketing can help an animal chiropractor get the word out about their services and spread awareness of what they do so that more clients are attracted to them, which will lead to more business.

Digital marketing for animal chiropractic has many benefits including increased revenue potential as well as overall market share growth. If you’re looking for a way to increase your animal chiropractic service’s visibility, then digital marketing is the perfect solution for your needs.


Why Should You Choose Us For Your Marketing Services?

Tipping Point Digital offers the services of their experts that have over 20 years of experience with marketing and sales. We serve contractors, healthcare providers, and most especially animal chiropractors. 

We assure our clients that we have the expertise to be able to give them the competitive advantage they need. 

Our digital marketing strategy revolves around:


Here at Tipping Point Marketing, we’ll talk you through the ways that you can increase your presence on the internet.


Looking To Generate More Leads Online?


To achieve long-term growth in your animal chiropractic business, you need to market online and off. Your digital marketing campaign must be well-funded if you hope to generate more leads and revenue.

Let’s get your animal chiropractic marketing ideas off the ground! Tipping Point Digital is here to lift you up!

We can assist you with creating a marketing campaign if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Having built successful campaigns over the past decade, our digital marketing experts know how to run campaigns to help your business grow. 

Interested to learn more about animal chiropractic marketing? Head on over to our website and book a consultation with our marketing experts! 


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